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WHS Member Education Resources for Clubs

The new World Handicap System (WHS) will be launched in Scotland, and the rest of GB and I, on 2nd November 2020. To support clubs with member education, Scottish Golf has produced a key features of WHS campaign to help golfers across Scotland better understand the new system for handicapping.

The below links will provide you with access to tools and resources aimed at supporting member education at your club. 

Week 1 of the campaign focusses on: 

  • Purpose of WHS 
  • Handicap Index 
  • Course & Playing Handicap 
  • Frequency of Handicap Index Updates 
  • Acceptable Scores

In week two, the campaign looks at:

  • Course & Sloping Rating
  • Playing Conditions Calculations (PPC)
  • Exceptional Score Reduction
  • Soft and Hard Cap
  • WHS Summary for Golfers 

By providing all clubs with access to this information, it will ensure we can work collectively to raise awareness of the new system in Scotland.