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VMS Testimonials

VMS Testimonials

Deaconsbank Golf Club.

When we were first introduced to the VMS also incorporating both the Scottish Golf Mobile App and iPad, it looked a complicated system to use when compared to our existing operating system. However with the excellent training we received from the Scottish Golf Project Manager, Calum Grant, we soon had a good depth of knowledge in all 3 systems.

In both 2019 and 2020 our members trialed the above systems for Scottish Golf within their Phase 2 Parallel Testing Program and flagged up some issues to Calum which he then got resolved.

Overall we can see clubs benefiting from these systems with members gaining a lot from the Mobile App.


Fraserburgh Golf Club

We at Fraserburgh Golf club chose to firstly trial and then implement the VMS system at our facility for a variety of reasons but primarily to give an end goal of a one-stop shop approach to our business in that all our Competition, Website, membership details, Marketing, subscriptions would be brought under the one piece of management software which in turn simplifies the many processes that are involved with the running of a golf club.

Although the journey is not at its end, we have been utilising the competition side of the software independently for over 6 months with little or no issues. We would encourage all golf clubs to at least consider the software for their facility as we have up to this point found it to be of benefit to Fraserburgh Golf Club.


Gourock Golf Club

I can’t understand why clubs are not falling over themselves to get involved, The app is amazing and is really straightforward to use, even for the older chaps. Gourock has migrated over to an ePOS and booking system, making significant savings on updating its hardware and licensing agreements which are now being reinvested to refurbish the clubhouse.

The app has become a one-stop-shop for our members to get all their information in one place. We all know no one reads a club noticeboard anymore, but it’s now in their face, on the app, and our events are being spoken about a lot more and the entries reflect that.


Kilmacolm Golf Club

Kilmacolm embarked on a VMS journey of discovery with Scottish Golf and plan to use some of the features on offer when the golf course re-opens. The support provided by the Scottish Golf team was outstanding. They provided back-office education, system configuration support and members experience Zoom calls. They are open to ideas and have introduced changes to meet Kilmacolm requirements. Well done Scottish golf on providing tangible value add to our Golf Club.


Tarlair Golf Club

The process of creating your club’s new website and booking system from the templates provided by Scottish Golf was very straightforward with just a few pointers from the very helpful Alan Cargill, I found the templates easy to work with and without too much effort and no expense! you can pretty quickly achieve a very pleasing result.

For me the key to a good website is that it be easy to navigate and for the essentials not to be lost as they so often are in over-complicated offerings and Scottish Golf’s well thought out Website Templates do just that.

Whether you are a member or a visitor you will really like what you see, the associated booking system is superbly streamlined and is super clear and easy to use. As a small club we quite simply would have found the costs to produce and maintain a similar website and the associated booking system absolutely prohibitive and are so so grateful that Scottish Golf has taken the initiative on this development.

Only recently becoming involved at our club I found that our existing website was pretty awful (in fact it was much worse than that) the support was poor and the multiple promises to deal with the many pre-existing issues and offer up solutions or improvements proved hollow time and time again.

Compared to what we had, what we now have is a real breath of fresh air and whilst it is still a work in progress it should certainly achieve its aim and show Royal Tarlair Golf Club in a very good light to anyone who happens to look in on our “new window to the world.”


Annanhill Golf Club

At first, we were sceptical about the VMS as no one likes change and we were reasonably happy with our current supplier. Well, what can I say, the VMS looks complex at first but Calum talked me through it and it was pretty straight forward to navigate once you understood it. It offers so much more than our old supplier and makes a match secretary job so much easier. The app is also a revelation and it gives golfers even more access that they did not have previously. The main thing for a small club like ours is; cost. It is free and saves us £1400 per year which allows us to reinvest that money into other areas of the club, they say you never get anything for free? Well on this occasion you do, it is a great system that provides everything that a golf club and its members need. Great service also provided by Calum in helping set it up. Great idea and all clubs should take advantage of it.


Colvend Golf Club

Being a small rural golf club, we have to focus on building and maintaining a strong visitor base and the VMS is ideal for keeping all our contacts and booking information efficiently in one place. We can use the flexibility of variable rates to rationalise our visitor income from either club based or independent golfers. Members appreciate the option of directly entered scoring, together with the other app additions to get to grips with the arrival of WHS.