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Six Steps to Sustainability

Following a planned approach can help your golf course management, environmental and clubhouse sustainability activities integrate into your club’s overall vison, strategy and business plan.

This six-step approach will ensure that previous environmental achievements, current environmental practices and future planned projects are properly understood, documented and coordinated to ensure positive progress is achieved.  In the long term, it will assist in resource and financial planning for activities and aid communication and continuity with staff and committee members.

1 – Review

2 – Policy

3 – Plan

4 – Action

5 – Record and Report

6 – Recognition

To find out more about the six steps to sustainability, please click here.

Sustainability Funding

Many environmental improvement projects require little or no investment, however funding may be required for larger scale projects. Click here to find out what is available and eligibility criteria.

Environmental Training

Having well trained, motivated, professional staff, respected for their knowledge and skilled for the jobs they do should be the aim of all golf facilities. Scottish Golf are part of the Greenkeepers Training Committee (GTC) and the Scottish Golf Education Partnership where upcoming education events are posted on the Golf Education Group. There are a variety of golf course management and environmental management training and events available from our partner organisations and other environmental bodies.

Sustainable Events

All golf events and championships have an impact on the environment through the increased use of resources, infrastructure, spectators, catering and transport etc.  It is important that all event organisers have a sustainable event plan to minimise the risks, meet legal environmental obligations and address public concerns. A good plan could also help to reduce costs, conserve resources, improve health and safety standards, maintain good community relations and create a positive corporate image.

Guidelines are available to assist Event Organisers to host environmentally responsible golfing events which can equally assist Scottish Golf Clubs to ‘go greener’ when staging their own competitions or other events.

For larger events and championships, guidance is available from Golf Environment Organization which has been developed for Ryder Cup and European Tour events.

> Golf Environment Organization – Tournaments

> European Tour – Green Drive

> The R&A – GreenLinks programme

> EventScotland – Sustainable Events

> Ryder Cup Green Drive – Gleneagles 2014