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FAQs for VMS Clubs

For golf clubs who currently utilise at least one VMS module or more, here is a handy list of need-to-know answers. 

Who is DotGolf? 

DotGolf is an independent software solutions provider, a subsidiary of Golf New Zealand. It was established in 1999 and services both New Zealand’s golf industry and international golfing markets. Its club management software is used by all of New Zealand’s 280 golf clubs. 

DotGolf currently provides England, Wales and Ireland with the technology that supports their apps and websites (England and Ireland only). They have proved reliable, accountable, and committed to development of the technology. Through this partnership, Scotland can lead the way in developing club systems technology for golf in the UK.

Why is my system changing? 

In reviewing the market, DotGolf demonstrated software to us that delivered on golf clubs’ needs and responded to their feedback. DotGolf’s software is significantly easier to use and offers additional functions that golf clubs have been requesting for some time, including accounting software, more appealing websites, and better user experience.

Can I see a demonstration of the DotGolf product before switching? 

Yes, you will be able to see the system in action and experience using it firsthand before you switch.

What happens to the WHS / CDH? 

All WHS/CDH data will be migrated over to the new system by the 31 December 2022. There may be a short freeze in early 2023 to allow the switch over to take place while no live data is being uploaded. However, once the new system is launched, any new data will be retrospectively added. 

Where can I learn more about the software?

For a full list of functions, including new features DotGolf are offering, please see the Software Overview. 

How much will this cost? 

As with VMS, the DotGolf software will be part of your Scottish Golf affiliation. 

When will we get the new system? 

Your account manager will be contacting you with details of the migration process, which Scottish Golf will manage. The GO LIVE date is currently 1 January 2023. There may be a short period in early 2023 where the WHS/CDH will be frozen. However, once the new system has launched the data will be retrospectively added and all records will be up to date.

Will there be training? 

Yes. Scottish Golf will deliver a series of roadshows, webinars and in-person training sessions to demonstrate the new system and train your club staff. There is also an in-built HelpDesk to guide your through any functions. Your account manager will also be able to assist you with any queries. This support will be ongoing for as long as a club is using the DotGolf system.

What happens to my customer account manager? 
Your current customer account manager will remain your contact through transition, training and beyond. This is to ensure continuity of service for your club as your account manager understands your club’s needs best.

What will happen to my website? 

Clubs who had taken the VMS website module will work with their account manager in migrating their content over to a new website template. Examples of DotGolf websites can be found here and here.

What will happen with the iPads I have? 

The iPads will continue to be used alongside the new system and Scottish Golf will configure them for you in due course. 

How much input will I have into the look and feel of my website? 

There are several templates to choose from. You can see some examples found here and here. Scottish Golf will work with you on how you would like your website to look, including following any brand guidelines you have.

I have more questions, who do I contact? 

Please contact your customer account manager and they will answer any questions you might have.