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How To Submit Competition Scores On The App

The Scottish Golf app enables you to submit competition scores via your phone and here is guide on how to do it.

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Step By Step Guide

1. Open the Scottish Golf App and select your Competition from the home screen or the Comps button.

2. On the day of competition, a green check-in button will show to allow you to check in. It’s important to note, the Check In button will only go live on the day of competition when you are at the location of the golf club, so please make sure that location services are enabled for the app.

3. Once you are ready to start your round, select the yellow Scoring button. If your playing partner is also entering scores using the app then select Normal Scorecard.

4. Select the person from your group whose score you are marking.

5. You are now shown your playing handicap for this round. Select Confirm to accept.

6. You will then see the scoring screen for your round. At the conclusion of each hole, enter your score as the Marker in the yellow box on the left using the keypad at the bottom of your screen.

Then the box on the right will turn yellow for you to enter your playing partner’s score.

7. If a player does not complete a hole then enter a zero for a no return score.

8. Once you have entered the scores, the submit button will go “live”. Select Submit and then Confirm within 3 seconds to enter the scores.

After the scores are entered, the card will automatically move on to the next hole.

9. To see your score for the round so far, select the Card button. The left column is what you entered for you, and the right column is what your partner entered for you. If you click on Scoreboard you will see a live leader board for the competition.

10. If you select the Caddy button this will switch to the GPS map of the hole that you are on.

If the club has entered the hole locations for that round, then the yardages to front, back and hole location will be shown. Select Exit to return to the scorecard.

11. At the end of the round you need to finalise your scorecard with your playing partner.

Only click Submit once all scores have been entered on both phones to allow time for both apps to update.

12. Once everything is correct, Click Submit and then OK to finalise your scores. Always remember to check the Front 9 and Back 9 using the buttons above the scorecard.

13. Any discrepancies will be highlighted with a purple box on the scorecard. Liaise with your playing partner to determine the correct score before clicking on the purple box and amending the score for that hole.

14. Once the scores are correct on both phones, the Sign My Card button will be active for you to Select.

15. Sign the Marker’s and Player’s Signature boxes and select Verify and then Confirm within 3 seconds to submit the scorecard.

16. Select OK and then Exit Scoring to return to the Competitions page.

17. To see the scoreboard, select the competition and then Scores. Select your name to see your scores and scroll down to see your signed scorecard. You can also view the scorecards of every other player too.

Enjoy your competition and good luck!