Scottish Golf announces exclusive partnership with Forev to supercharge clubs across Scotland | Scottish Golf
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Scottish Golf announces exclusive partnership with Forev to supercharge clubs across Scotland

Posted on 05/10/2019

Affiliated golf clubs across Scotland are set to benefit from a new partnership announced today between Scottish Golf and Forev, the electrical vehicle charging point supplier.

Forev uses 100% accredited clean energy to power its charging points and is committed to building a sustainable future in Scotland to be enjoyed for generations to come.

In Scotland, 50% of the population does not currently have access to home-charging, and so there is an urgent need for convenient, reliable and visible public charging points for electric vehicles.

The Scottish Government has targeted the end of fossil-fuelled cars being sold in Scotland by 2032, and the new partnership between Scottish Golf and Forev will support this commitment.

Working alongside Scottish Golf, Forev plans to create a network of over 1,000 reliable and convenient charge points throughout Scotland, ensuring drivers will always be in reach of power, no matter where they are in the country.

The charging points will be provided through Forev’s technology and service provider, SWARCO eVolt, whose systems are proven throughout the country. The infrastructure will comprise dual outlet AC 22kW chargers and the DC 50kW triple outlet Raption chargers. It will also include the latest version of SWARCO eVolt’s DC/AC controller and receiver solution, a cost-effective multiple charging solution consisting several charge points controlled by a single unit.

Golf clubs across Scotland represent a fantastic opportunity for growing the number of public charging points and the installation of these points will not only help to support the Scottish Government’s 2032 target, but will also directly benefit the golf clubs themselves who will receive a fixed annual payment per parking bay being donated back into each club’s junior section.

As part of the partnership with Scottish Golf, Forev, in most cases, absorb the costs associated with installing the charge points at the selected clubs across Scotland. The clubs who install the electric vehicle charge points will benefit from increased footfall and revenue due to incidental spend on merchandise by both members and visitors whilst their vehicles charge.

The first club to benefit from this new partnership will be Crail Golfing Society who will have electrical charging points installed by Forev as part of their ongoing efforts of the club to reduce the club’s carbon footprint and enhance the level of services available to members, guests and visiting golfers.

Speaking at today’s announcement, Andrew McKinlay, CEO of Scottish Golf said, “We are delighted to be partnering with Forev to help improve the accessibility of electric charging points across Scotland.

“This new partnership also represents a fantastic opportunity for our golf clubs, with Forev covering installation costs of all charging points, and the potential for additional revenue through increased visitor footfall.”

Carolyn Hedley, Scottish Golf’s Environment and Sustainability Manager said, “Scottish Golf advocate low carbon technologies and sustainable transport through our club support services, and by getting involved in this initiative our clubs can also demonstrate their green credentials whilst providing a valuable service to the local community”.

Lindsay Wallace, Founder and CEO of Forev, added, “This is a very proud day for Forev. We look forward to working closely with Scottish Golf to ensure we deliver substantial revenues to these clubs who are contributing to the great game and supporting junior and youth golf.”

Justin Meyer, General Manager of SWARCO Evolt, is delighted to be teaming with Forev: “As Forev’s chosen technology and service provider, we will deliver the high levels of service and support that Scottish drivers have already come to expect from the Evolt brand. Our technology is proven in [thousands] of installations and hubs across the country, and we are delighted to be engaged in this innovative initiative to support our partners and Scottish Golf.”

Crail Golfing Society Captain, Jim McArthur, also said, “The partnership with Forev has provided us with a valuable resource for the members, who have become increasingly aware of the need to move towards a more sustainable future. The charging units are part of the club’s long-term commitment to lowering its carbon emissions and addresses the demand from the membership for such a facility. Forev has made this possible, with almost no effort on the part of the club.”

To express your interest in finding out more about Forev’s electric charging points at your golf club, please click here.