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Resource Efficiency

The cost of utilities, products, services, catering and office supplies, course maintenance products and equipment and infrastructure investment are ever increasing.

By minimising consumption and efficiently managing resources such as materials, water, energy and waste recycling, you can substantially reduce the operating costs of your club.

By investing in alternative renewable sources, adopting a sustainable purchasing and procurement policy or joining the Scottish Golf Buying Group, costs can be further reduced helping you provide better value for money to your customers.

To find out more about Resource Efficient Facilities, please click here.

Zero Waste Scotland

Working in partnership with Zero Waste Scotland, the Government funded body that supports SMEs, Scottish Golf can help clubs access best practice guidance, government support and funding to make resource efficiency improvements.

To find out more about Resource Efficient Scotland, please click here.

Juice – LED Lighting Specialists

Switching to LED lighting is one of the easiest ways to reduce electricity costs in your clubhouse. Our partners at Juice, undertake lighting energy audits, usually free of charge, to show current usage and proposed solutions with achievable savings and quick payback on installation costs.

Juice have direct access to quality LED Lighting manufacturers to supply products at extremely competitive rates. They can also arrange an electrician to install the lighting and help access RES funding.

Contact: Sandy Hepburn, [email protected], 07972 585052, www.savejuice.co.uk

Scottish Golf Buying Group

Paying less on your current utilities contracts can be easily achieved by joining the Buying Group led by GMG.