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Clean Sport

Scottish Golf Promote Clean Sport with UKAD

We are committed to promoting Clean Sport and work in partnership with UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) to protect the integrity of our sport. Scottish Golf operate under the rules set down by UK Anti-Doping, these rules will be updated on 1st January 2021. 

Scottish Golf have an anti-doping strategy which outlines how anti-doping education will be delivered to athletes involved in Scottish Golf performance programmes. 

Prohibited List 

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is responsible for publishing the Prohibited List. The prohibited list is updated on 1st January every year and identifies substances and methods which athletes are prohibited from using under the anti-doping rules. 

It is important that athletes check the changes made to the list each year. Athletes are solely responsible for what is in their system, regardless of how it got there, or whether there was an intention to cheat or not. This is the principle of Strict Liability. 

Athletes are advised to check the Global Drug Reference website before taking any medication.


Athletes should also be aware of the risks associated with taking supplements. There are no guarantees that any supplement product is free from banned substances.  Before taking any supplement, athletes are advised to 

  • Assess the need: seek advice from a qualified medical professional to determine whether you need to use a supplement.
  • Assess the risks: if you chose to use a supplement product, only use batch-tested supplement products to minimise your risks of contamination. Make sure you check the actual batch numbers prior to use.
  • Assess the consequences: to your career prior to using any supplement product. You could receive a four-year ban.

Supplement risk can be reduced by 

  • Undertaking thorough internet research 
  • Only using batch tested products 
  • Checking supplements on Informed Sport , Informed Sport is a risk minimisation programme which batch tests certain supplements for the pre4sence of prohibited substances, however there can be no guarantee that any supplement is safe

100% Me 

100% Me is UKAD’s education and information programme designed to support athletes through their sporting journey. 

The 100% me Clean Sport App is available for either iOS or Android and can be downloaded for free via iTunes or Google Play. 

Useful Links 


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Informed Sport –