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Notification of Postponed 2020 Annual General Meeting

Posted on 03/06/2020

Dear Member Organisations, 

I hope you have all enjoyed the golf courses across Scotland re-opening, especially during this period of excellent weather we have been having.

Earlier in the year, due to the situation with COVID-19, the decision was taken to postpone the 2020 Scottish Golf Annual General Meeting (AGM) previously scheduled for Sunday 15th March 2020. 

Following the publication by the Scottish Government of their roadmap, identifying the phased lifting of lockdown restrictions in the months ahead and with the indication that it is many months before travel of any significance or gatherings of a sizeable number are to be permitted, we have taken the decision to host the rescheduled AGM via video and audio conference call only

The AGM has been rescheduled for 6.00pm on Thursday 25th June 2020. The schedule of the event will be a short Q&A session followed by the formal AGM itself. As is customary, the AGM will be hosted by our Chair, Eleanor Cannon, who will be supported by The Board of Directors and Executive Team.

Attendance will be limited to one representative per affiliated voting member Club and two per Area and County. We require all attendees to register in advance and you can do so here.  

Online registration will close at 12.30pm on Tuesday 23rd June 2020 and attendees will be issued with joining details by 5pm the following day. 

In normal circumstances, the Board welcomes the opportunity to engage with officials from Clubs, Areas and Counties, and regrets that it is not possible for us to do so in person in the foreseeable period. However, if you would like to send us a question to be answered during the Q&A session before the formal AGM, you can do so in the section provided in the registration link. Depending on the volume and topic of questions, these may be grouped together for answer on the evening but following the AGM a full listing of the Questions and applicable Answers will be circulated to the membership.

The formal papers for the AGM can be viewed on the Scottish Golf website by clicking here.

Please note, all formal papers remain unchanged, other than dates, from the originally scheduled AGM, issued to clubs on 20th February 2020. 

Given the circumstances of the meeting, all votes must be cast by proxy in advance as there will be no live voting carried out during the AGM itself. All votes must also be cast in favour of the Chair due to there being no physical attendees at the meeting. We would request that you complete the proxy voting form and return it to [email protected] by no later than 6pm on Tuesday 23rd June 2020. Instructions on how to complete this form can also be found above.

We have taken legal advice in relation to the rescheduling of the AGM in this virtual manner and we would ask for the support of the membership in embracing this format, by signing up to attend the meeting and providing us with your proxy vote to ensure that we are quorate. 

Thank you for your ongoing support and should you have any queries regarding this AGM then please do get in touch. 

Best Regards,
Karin Sharp