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Get Into Golf

Our national programme has been developed to introduce more adult beginners to the game, with a particular emphasis on women and the creation of a new pathway into membership. Adopted by more than one hundred clubs across Scotland, your national governing body can provide all the support you need to help make Get into Golf a success at your club, including the provision of coaching resources, marketing support, planning tools and club case studies.

We also share research and insights to identify the needs and wants of new golfers, as well as the various “do’s and don’ts”, based on feedback from those who have been involved in Get into Golf programmes recently at clubs across Great Britain and Ireland, helping to ensure that your club programme hits the mark.

Why Should Your Club Get into Golf?

With membership numbers falling over the past 10 years, clubs are looking at ways of attracting new golfers and a new generation of players into the game. The traditional model of membership is also being challenged, as consumers spend their time and money in a different way.  Get into Golf targets adults who have never tried golf before, or who may have played as a youngster but not in adult life. We will help you identify key steps in planning a successful programme to attract more first-time golfers into coaching and ultimately membership at your club.

By signing up to the national Get into Golf programme, you will receive access to a wide range of resources to help deliver the right activity at your club, from a planning guide, to marketing support and coaching resources, combining best practice advice and input from your Regional Club Development Officer.

> Get into Golf Registration Form

Get into Golf Workshops

Scottish Golf also offers free-to-attend workshops to help Club Managers, committees and other volunteers kickstart the planning process.

Register your Club today at the booking link below!

> Get into Golf Workshops

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