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Environmental Legislation

There is legislation in Scotland that covers everyday management practices in your golf club to make sure your facility does not have a negative impact on the environment. Legislation is set by the Scottish Government and implemented and enforced by our environmental regulators the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and other government organisations such as Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH).

Legislation compliance is extremely important. Risk assessments should be carried out and the correct procedures in place for all actions involving application, handling, storage and disposal of chemicals, hazardous materials and other turf products brought onto the site. Waste products and containers, wastewater and surface water runoff should also be managed and treated to lower the pollution risk to protect our land, water and air environments.

Other legislation includes water abstraction licensing, water supply byelaws, waste disposal and recycling laws, working in protected areas, tree felling, chainsaw and species handling licences and rules for public outdoor access.

Scottish Golf works with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) to provide best practice advice to clubs with detailed legislation guidance available here.