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COVID-19 Update: Changes from Disclosure Scotland

Posted on 27/03/2020

Scottish Golf continues to work with partners across Scotland to ensure our community is kept up to date with the ongoing reaction to Coronavirus (COVID-19). The following update highlights a temporary change to the way applications are processed by Disclosure Scotland.

Disclosure Scotland have been working closely with the Scottish Government and key stakeholders on its response to coronavirus (COVID-19).

To aid their prioritisation of checks for those who have the most vital roles supporting the country during this time, Disclosure Scotland will no longer be accepting paper applications from Monday (30 March).

On Monday a new page will go live on the Disclosure Scotland website with all the materials you need to continue to submit applications.

Please note; this process should only be completed by countersignatories.

  • you can submit an application to Disclosure Scotland via email using the template on the Disclosure Scotland website
  • electronic signatures (typewritten or scanned) from the applicant and countersignatory will be accepted
  • Disclosure Scotland will process the application through their priority service
  • where possible Disclosure Scotland will email you a notification of the outcome, prior to receiving the paper certificate in an expedited timeframe

Where this is not possible there will be two other outcomes:

  • you will not receive any advance notification from Disclosure Scotland and will have to wait on the paper certificate which will still be in an expedited timeframe
  • you will receive a notification advising that Disclosure Scotland are unable to prioritise your application at this time and will be unable to give a timescale for completion

At this critical time, Disclosure Scotland are providing a safeguarding service to ensure the vast majority of applicants can get cleared to help with coronavirus.

If Disclosure Scotland do not send you a disclosure, either by email or certificate, please do not assume this is because they are late or have made a mistake. A small number of applications require Disclosure Scotland to be fully operational to process and that is impossible at this time.

If you are submitting urgent applications related to coronavirus in the following weeks please contact the dedicated Disclosure Scotland helpline on 0141 302 8511 to plan how you can go about doing this most efficiently.

As it stands the list of prioritised roles remains:

  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Childcare
  • Social work
  • Social care
  • Prisons and justice

Based on the information provided above, Scottish Golf would like to inform all golf clubs that PVG applications for anyone undertaking regulated work within golf are currently on hold until further notice.

As the situation develops and evolves, the list of prioritised sectors may change as Disclosure Scotland identifies other sectors with roles critical to supporting the Scottish Government during this crisis.