COVID-19 Update – 5 January 2021 | Scottish Golf
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COVID-19 Update – 5 January 2021

Posted on 05/01/2021

Following our COVID-19 update yesterday, we are now in a position to provide further information about the new enhanced restrictions. 

Please note that mainland Scotland has now moved from Level 4 to a temporary Lockdown or enhanced Level 4 (Stay at Home), with new guidance to stay at home except for essential purposes. 

Some islands will remain at Level 3 and golf clubs in these areas can continue to follow the relevant guidance in our Local Protection Levels Table here.

An updated table summarising the rules for the current lockdown period (Level 4 – Stay at Home) can be accessed here and are effective immediately: 

  • Golf courses can remain open for play with a maximum of two players from up to two households 
  • Outdoor coaching will be restricted to 2 people (including the coach) for those 12 years or over. Under 12s do not count towards the number so a coach can take larger groups of up to 30 U12s
  • Golfers must stay close to home, travel only for essential purposes (which includes golf as part of the permitted exercise activities) and in line with the new legislation 

As with all of our COVID-19 guidance, this is subject to further change which can take place at short notice. Should any changes take place, we will inform all affiliated clubs as soon as possible. 

We are in a unique and privileged position in Scotland with our golf courses being permitted to stay open and we respectfully ask that everyone adapts their operations accordingly to ensure that every facility continues to adhere to the revised guidelines. In doing so we can, as a sport, play our part in minimising further spread of the virus, whilst ensuring that golfers across Scotland can continue to enjoy the many health benefits from playing golf.