COVID-19 Update – 24 June 2021 | Scottish Golf
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COVID-19 Update – 24 June 2021

Posted on 24/06/2021

Following the latest COVID Update from the First Minister, Scottish Golf wishes to inform all clubs that our current COVID-19 Guidance remains unchanged. We do not anticipate any further changes in the Protection Level system until 19 July 2021. 

There has been an increase in enquiries regarding on-course furniture, i.e Rakes and Pins and we would take this opportunity to advise that our guidance (along with that of the other Home Nations) also remains unchanged at this time. These should remain out of use to limit the potential spread of COVID-19 and we do not foresee this position changing until we move to Level 0. 

Any club who has chosen to re-introduce rakes or permit the removal of pins, should ensure they have undertaken a full risk assessment and have checked with their local authority, health and safety advisors or insurance provider to be sure that they are in no way negating any public health liability cover they might have in place.  

The latest indication we have from the Scottish Government is that all local authority areas will move to Level 0 from 19 July 2021. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep all clubs updated should anything change. 
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