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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

COVID-19 (Update 25 March 2022)

COVID-19 is still a public health risk. You can catch it even if you’ve been vaccinated or had it before.

By continuing to care for ourselves and others, we can help slow down the spread of the virus, enable workplaces to operate safely and reduce pressure on health services.

As of 21 March 2022 most of the remaining legal requirements in the Coronavirus regulations have been removed, specifically the:

  • requirement to collect and share visitor information
  • requirement to have regard to Scottish Government guidance about minimising risk of exposure to coronavirus on its premises
  • requirement to take reasonably practicable measures, as set out in the guidance, to minimise incidence and spread of coronavirus

By law, you must continue to wear a face covering in most indoor public spaces, unless you are exempt from doing so because of specific circumstances. This will be reviewed on 29 March 2022 and any changes implemented from 4 April 2022.

As a result of the removal of most Coronavirus regulations, Scottish Golf have archived their content on Covid-19.

For general advice on helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we recommend following the rules and guidance on how to stay safe published by the Scottish Government.

To assist golf clubs to operate safely we are continuing to make our previous advice pages documents accessible as archived documents. While much of the content remains good practice, these pages and documents are no longer being updated and are not intended to reflect or provide advice on current legal restrictions.

The content below is no longer updated and is provided for reference only.

Protection Levels Summary Guidance

This document outlines how each level will impact golf activity and provides guidance for clubs. This is aligned directly to the Scottish Government Framework.

Guidance for Golf Clubs and Golfers

The Scottish Golf guidance document that was updated and reviewed by appropriate Scottish Government channels. Clubs should by now be familiar with the information outlined in the below Guidance Document.

sportscotland’s Guidance to Scottish Governing Bodies

The latest version of sportscotland’s Guidance to Scottish Governing Bodies can be accessed below.

Potential VAT Opportunity for Golf Clubs

HMRC released a Revenue & Customs Brief in April 2021, which can be accessed here. HMRC explained the purpose of the Brief was to highlight an accelerated process for VAT registered businesses (including golf clubs) to request temporary alterations to their partial exemption methods to reflect changes to their business practices because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

VisitScotland’s Financial Support Guide for Tourism Industry

Scottish Golf’s FAQs for Golf Clubs and Golfers in Scotland

The latest version of our FAQ’s has been produced and can be accessed below.

Coaching Guidelines for Golf Clubs

For guidelines on the running of coaching at your club, please click below.

Qualifying Competitions Guidelines for Golf Clubs

For guidelines on the running of Qualifying Competitions at your club, please click below.

Playing golf in Scotland  

Tee Times and Access to the Course:

  • Best practice guidance is that all tee times should be booked in advance.
  • Daily timesheets and intervals are at the discretion of the golf club.
  • All golf clubs should ensure that they are following current guidelines appropriate to their local authority’s protection level.
  • Competition play may continue in accordance with the current guidelines.
  • Use of digital scorecards must be in accordance with Handicapping Regulations and full compliance is required to permit scores for qualifying purpose.
  • Tee timesheets & records of all visitors should be kept for a period of 21 days to assist with contact tracing should the need arise.

Should you require clarification on any aspect of the guidance then please do get in touch with the Scottish Golf team by e-mailing [email protected].