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Environment & Sustainability

Scotland, as the Home of Golf, delivers some of the most authentic and diverse golfing experiences in the world. Beyond the challenging playing surfaces there are unique coastal dunes, grasslands, woodlands, wetlands, heathlands and many other beautiful habitat and landscape features supporting a wealth of biodiversity.

The key asset of your club is the golf course, but we are facing the ever-increasing impact from climate change, the pressure of environmental legislation compliance and the rising costs of resources along with higher player expectations. It is vital your club addresses and adapts to these challenges to become more sustainable for the long term.

Sustainability can however also bring many opportunities such as improvements in course quality, helping to retain and attract members and visitors and significant cost savings across the facility. This should motivate clubs to be proactive and improve their environmental performance to help make the facility efficient, profitable and socially inclusive leading to a more sustainable and successful business.

In this section you will find environment and sustainability information and for the support available for course managers, greens conveners and club managers please click here.

For further advice contact [email protected].