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Club Hire Fund

What is the Club Hire Fund?

The cost of equipment is often cited as a barrier to young people taking up golf, so as part of the new National Junior Framework, Scottish Golf has invested in a new fund which will support clubs with the purchasing of new equipment for beginners. The new Club Hire Fund initiative is based on a successful model used by another golf club.

Your funding will go towards purchasing sets of junior clubs, which can then be hired out to new players in your programme at a fraction of the cost of buying themselves, meaning less initial financial commitment is required by parents. The income generated from your Club Hire scheme can then be re-invested in more equipment in the future, meaning your club can build up a good supply for other beginners.

How much can a Club apply for?

Scottish Golf will match fund the amount of money raised by your Club to invest in a Club Hire Scheme up to a maximum value of £750. There will be three options available to apply for:

Option Club Investment Scottish Golf Fund Total
1 £250 £250 £500
2 £500 £500 £1000
3 £750 £750 £1500

Following approval of your application, your Club can then purchase a variety of junior sets, covering a range of sizes/ages/right-handed/left-handed. These sets can then be rented out to beginners or existing juniors who don’t have equipment for a small fee (annually or over the season), meaning your junior members and coaching participants will have access to appropriate equipment at a fraction of the cost of buying.

Benefits of the Club Hire Scheme

  • Makes golf more affordable for parents
  • Smaller initial outlay from parents whose children are trying golf for the first time
  • Relieves financial pressure on parents who may worry about replacing clubs regularly as their child grows
  • Improves retention of junior members
  • The scheme can be self-sustainable if hire income is used to buy more equipment in the future

The Application Process

We recommend that Clubs liaise with their Regional Club Development Officer who can provide further information about the Fund and assist with the application process.

> Apply for Funding Nowhere.  

> Guidelines for Clubs here.


If successful with your Fund application, your Club will be required to evaluate the success of your Club Hire Scheme, to provide us with feedback so we can improve this initiative for the following year.