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Club Governance

The management of golf clubs has evolved significantly in recent years and many clubs are recognising the importance of a good governance structure in achieving long term sustainability. We provide support to help your club implement the changes necessary to be fit for purpose in the modern era.

Having good governance in place, including processes, systems and practices) will help to ensure accountability of the Board and transparency of its actions to the membership. Golf clubs that focus on their governance practices are often ahead of the curve and in a strong position to face the ever-changing challenges that emerge, including shifts in membership preferences, changes to local government policies, statutory obligations and evolving communications platforms. 

Governance can seem like a daunting task but getting it right can make other changes much easier and help your club build a strong foundation for future success and long-term sustainability.

COVID-19 Annual General Meeting Advice

With the current COVID regulations it is unlikely that clubs will be able to have a General Meetings in person for the foreseeable future. If clubs do choose to go down that route we strongly advise they carry out a risk assessment and make written contact with their local Public Health Authority (Council) to endorse the plans.

Rules and regulations in regard to the hosting of virtual general meetings in relation to COVID19 depend on a few factors. If the club is unincorporated and governed by a constitution, then what this says in relation to hosting meetings will inform what course of action the club needs to take. Factors include if the constitution explicitly states that meetings must be held in person or in / at a specific venue (ie club) or if the constitution is ‘silent’ on this issue. If a club is incorporated, then there are existing provisions in the Companies Act.

SportScotland legal advisers Harper MacLeod LLP prepared a guide on the issue of club General Meetings in relation to COVID19.

  • To access advice on General Meetings for Ltd Company Club, please click here.
  • To access a variety of guidance briefings on Governance, please click here.
  • To access advice on General Meetings for unincorporated clubs , please click here

Scottish Golf also held a 30 minute webinar interview with solicitors from Harper MacLeod, facilitated by Iain Evans, that addressed this topic and you can watch that here.

If you have established that you are able to host your AGM virtually, you can access a guide that will talk you through the technical process of hosting an AGM via Zoom from start to finish here.

Business Planning

No matter the size or structure of your club, having a Business Plan in place should help your club run more effectively, with clear actions and objectives. Given the nature of change at many golf clubs, with captains and committee members moving on, it is important to have continuity so that focus can be maintained on the key priorities for your business, irrespective of the people involved. 

Scottish Golf has worked closely with many clubs in recent years to support the process involved in creating a strong Business Plan, and this has evolved as we gain insights from the clubs we have engaged. The process works best in tandem with our governance guidance, with your structure aligned to the priorities set out in your Business Plan. Our support programme has taken best practice from businesses outwith golf but tailored to suit the specific needs of a golf club.

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