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Potential VAT repayment for your club

Due to bar closures at clubs due to the pandemic, it might be possible for your club to benefit from a VAT repayment from HMRC.

VAT consultants VAT Services (Scotland) Ltd have brought to Scottish Golf’s attention that it is possible to obtain a VAT repayment from HMRC as a result of Covid and clubhouses being closed for large periods over the last two years. This is because, as a result of closures, a club’s bar and catering income may have been considerably reduced.

VAT Service (Scotland) Ltd – who are based in Glasgow – advised it has already obtained over £200,000 for 33 clubs, an average of almost £7,000 per club. They explained that they undertake all correspondence with HMRC on behalf of each club. Where a claim is not possible or denied by HMRC, then VAT Services (Scotland) Ltd will not charge a fee for their services on behalf of the club.

Should a claim be successful, the refund is obtained via each club’s next VAT return and therefore the club is not required to wait for HMRC to process the payment.

While Scottish Golf is not endorsing the work of VAT Services (Scotland) Ltd we believe that it may be in a club’s interest to have an initial telephone call with them to help determine if a claim is possible.  Gary Moore of VAT Services (Scotland) Ltd has explained that should a claim be possible the time costs for each club would be a maximum of 30 minutes (including the initial call). This is important at this time of year when many clubs are busy with influx of subscription income.  It should be note, this opportunity is only available to Private Members Clubs and not Proprietary Clubs.

Should you wish to contact Gary Moore, he can be reached as follows:

Direct Dial: 0141 636 9353

Mobile: 07812 061582

Email [email protected]