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Archive: February 2021

02 Feb 2021

Play For Your Handicap At Any Time Using General Play

One of the major benefits of the new World Handicap System (WHS) is the option to submit General Play...

02 Feb 2021

VMS Helps Loretto to Deliver Order Of Merit Safely

Loretto Golf Academy has taken advantage of VMS to host an Order of Merit series consisting of twelve events...

07 Dec 2020

Navigate the Course with our Virtual Caddie

Scottish Golf’s Virtual Caddie gives App users a digital view of their exact location on any golf course in...

04 Dec 2020

Use the Scottish Golf App to Access Your Course Handicap

Today we are introducing a new Course Look Up Feature that allows users of the Scottish Golf App to...

02 Dec 2020

Marking One Month of WHS in Scotland

It’s been one month since we went live with one of the biggest changes in golf in recent times....

06 Nov 2020

Watch our Scottish Golf App Zoom Call

With the new World Handicap System launching in Scotland on Monday, and more than 77,000 golfers now using the...

04 Nov 2020

Join Us to Find Out More About the Scottish Golf App

With over 77,000 golfers now registered for the new Scottish Golf App, Scottish Golf is pleased to confirm its...

29 Oct 2020

Scottish Golf App Registration FAQ’s Answered

Over the last few days, golfers across Scotland will have noticed their projected Handicap Index on their Scottish Golf...